St Xavier’s College Students Raise Funds for a Fellow Student’s Treatment

September 22, 2017; Patna | By: Mahtab Alam

Students of St Xavier’s Colleges have been donating money for a fellow student, Abhilasha’s treatment, after she met with a bike accident near CISF HQ, Boring Road on Tuesday, 12th of September. Her total treatment expenditure, so far has been around 2.5 lacs, and a total of around 2 lacs fund have been raised.

Abhilasha Sinha, a 19 year old mass communication student at St Xavier’s College of Management and Technology, Patna was crushed by a school bus of St Dominic Savio while she was on her scooty. She was then took to Ruban Hospital by local people. She has been admitted in ICU and is on ventilator since then.

Her treatment was said to be costly, with one day expenditures of around 40-60 thousands. With her family not in position to bear the cost of treatment, St Xavier’s Colleges started raising funds for her in the college campus. The campaign was welcomed warmly by students from all departments, and the first day collection was about Rs 57000, on September 13. Principal Fr Nishant also donated a check of Rs 25000, and quite a few thousands are getting collected daily since the next day.

Her family has also started online campaigns; through a fund raiser website and a Facebook page “Save Abhilasha“, and they are receiving donations in her father’s bank account and through Paytm. Two students, namely Aman Thakur and Shubham Gupta, made efforts in raising Paytm funds. Around Rs 2 lacs have been the total donation so far; 1 lac from the college campaign and 1 lac on Paytm.

Students are not only donating and praying for her, they also seem to be promoting the campaigns on social media, for example through Facebook posts and Whatsapp status feature. In some cases, students have even changed their profile pictures to one of these below, to promote the campaign.


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“General class people can survive as well”, said Mr Arbind, Abhilasha’s father.

Mr Arbind Kumar Singh, Abhilasha’s father, shows gratitude for all the love and donations and said, “General class people can survive as well”.

She underwent a surgery today, on September 22. The surgery was successful and she is said to be improving steadily. Doctors are positive about her. She’ll be needing more funds for her treatment and you may contribute as well (information above in the slideshow).

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