Immature Writing Ruins Thrill in Varun T.’s The Last Chai

The Last Chai: Bringing the Nation to a Halt
Author – Varun Tejwani

Genre: Fiction, Political thriller
Language: English
Length: 250 pages
Publication date: 22 Oct 2017

Set in 2019, the novel is author’s take on the current political scenario in a fictional thriller. With every second country possessing nuclear weapon, a conspiracy of bio-attack on India is suspected by the intelligence bureaus, and our prime minister Narendra Doshi is under high threat of a cyanide attack, and the protagonist Ajay Kaamte, the director of SPG (Special Protection Group) is tasked with protecting the PM.

The plot of the story has been played nicely, I liked the way the author builds and reveals the conflict gradually, and then goes to the resolution. But the steady pace in the first half feels boring, and the author’s expression of his lean on right-wing and the feeling of contempt for the left-wing was quite clear in the first half, and it was useless and perhaps immature. The story accelerates fast in the second half, and somehow maintains the thrill enough to hook up a reader.

The novel ends on a note of a sequel Dabbing The Dragon, and my little advice to author for the sequel (in his own language, as the phrase has appeared in the book many-a-times) is: Cut the shit, and get the story straight.

Overall, the novel is not that bad either and you may ignore and even skip parts in the first half and enjoy a good thrill for a mere price of ₹19 for a kindle version at Amazon. I rate the novel 2/5 stars, and the sequel could be much better if cautions taken and I hope for it.

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