BMS, beyond movies and events, can make you SAD too

Going to movies with friends is indeed one of my favourite activities, would possibly be yours as well, and shall we talk about reserving our preferred seats or even securing the show (for houseful shows like Infinity War), online ticketing comes for rescue (cashbacks on top😁). Bookmyshow is one name associated with online ticketing in India, whether it’s some movie, rock show or sport event, BMS is here. But there’s more to BMS than only booking tickets, it is to some degree depressing even.

So, the other night I was endlessly scrolling through the “coming soon” section in the BMS app, when I thought to check out other cities which are available on BMS. Before I begin, let us for a moment feel our bond with the places we’re associated with. I was born and raised in Arrah and now getting my ass corrected in a college in Patna, both these places, in some mysterious ways, hold dear to me.huge-1-9616

Coming back to BMS, I started searching for some small towns in Bihar which I thought might be available on BMS. With some names in mind, I searched “Darbhanga- no result found”, “Bhagalpur- nope”, “Chhapra- shit no”, “Muzaffarpur- available”, “Motihari- hell how?!😰”, and still my hometown “Arrah” isn’t yet on BMS. To add to my depressing feeling, even Muzaffarpur have a Cinepolis at some dip-shit price starting 100 bucks only, where as, a 150 buck morning show is rare to find at Cinepolis Patna, and the price goes as high as flat 300 for shows like Avengers: Infinity War.

Further, my (silly-billy) research went on to comparing prices with Kolkata and Lukhnow, but the same lower price wasn’t all I discovered. Here’s a short clip for what was ahead.

There were this long list of cinema halls I found in Kolkata, with some unheard shit like 7D, 11D (WTF! Don’t we live in a 3D only world😲?). To add to my relief, I located myself to Lukhnow, the list was shorter, still at least 3 times of that of Patna’s.

513 . . .

This is first of its “silly-reads” series I’ll be writing this summer, in an attempt to revive my blog.

Gosh! blogging is so hard.

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