VIBES 18 music concert: 4 Hours of Nothing + Vivo Ads

IMG_20171222_143842.jpgWe all were excited and made excited for the so called “audio-visual” concert VIBES 18 on 23rd of December. VIBES 18 was a music concert, which included live DJ show and Band performance, and was organised at St Xavier’s College, Patna; attended mainly by its own students while outside audience filled quite many seats as well. The pass proudly showed off the “Rj Apoorw, Radio Mirchi” sign along with other unfamiliar bands’ symbols. I don’t have much experience of attending concerts, so I bought myself a pass for Rs 150.

The show was supposed to be four hours long, starting from 3 O’Clock in the noon, and it did start on time except the part that they kept preparing us for the “real show” till 5 O’Clock. For first two hours, they played us music from their phone or something, with a host coming on stage to deliver some misogynist jokes time-to-time, and it felt as paying thousand of bucks for Justin’s lip-syncing. The 50 Rupees charitable music concert for Abhilasha few months ago was much better and money-worth.

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P.C. – Kumar Amritam

Then it started with a few dance performances which was almost invisible in the smoke and lighting, then RJ Apoorw opens with the song “Tum Hi Ho”, and even after once the show started, like for real, they took break every once in a while to tune their guitars maybe😂, and the breaks were ironically longer than the show. The show was also complimented with the Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh in background with his Vivo Smartphone. But my amazing classmates wouldn’t let these bore them down, we were singing, playing and shouting in ourselves😂😂. Last hour of the DJ Show was something I enjoyed though, it was first of such an experience and I learnt “Baarati Dance” and felt tired as hell till the next day.

My classmates going nuts in the DJ show (P.C. Afzal Alam)


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